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AJ Hackett

The AJ Hackett worldwide groups of companies (AJ Hackett, Australia, France, Germany, Macau, Singapore & Russia) represent the ultimate innovation and commitment to excellence in adventure tourism. Inspired by the vine jumpers of Vanuatu, pioneer AJ Hackett has won international acclaim for turning bungy jumping into an extreme sport phenomenon. The company also operates other gravity related experiences outside of Bungy Jumping and have thrilled over 3.5 million customers since it's inception in 1988.

Tourism Website

Cairns Website

AJ Hackett Australia (Cairns).

Normandie Website

AJ Hackett France (Normandie).

Sochi Website

AJ Hackett Russia (Sochi).

Macau Website

AJ Hackett China (Macau).

Germany Website

AJ Hackett Germany.

Sentosa Website

AJ Hackett Singapore (Sentosa).

TShirt Design

Design of TShirt for purchase at jump sites.

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