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We don’t play by the rules, we take risks and answer to no-one. Backstreet, controversial, edgy and always a place for good Mexican food and conversation. Staying true to our philosophy, we’ve skipped the country, leaving lots of local business owners out of pocket.


Brand development for Kartell Burrito

Business Cards

Concept design & print management of grunge style business cards.

Loyalty Cards

Design of loyalty cards

Restaurant Signage

Design and artworking of back-lit restaurant menu board.

Brand Usage

Brand usage across different marketing mediums - graffiti wall in restaurant.


Advertising for Kartell Burrito utilising takeaway menu

Brand Hero Image

Kartell Burrito brand imagery

Facebook Graphics

Design of Facebook cover and profile image.

The Directors

We actually did skip town.

Menu Flyer & Promo Cards

Design of grunge style takeaway menu flyer and promo cards

Logo Design

Meeting Room Access