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Marfells Beach

Freedom, spirit, laughter and sin. Thank you Mr Marfell for all the great moments. Top bloke Edward Marfell gifted this spectacular beach in Marlborough to the public in 1925. Rock pools, romances, seafood & summer holidays; he created a playground for us to enjoy life and live in the moment. We celebrate this today with a quality drop by his great grandson, Stu. And, the good times don’t just start & finish at Marfell’s. Eddie wants us all, no matter where our playground is, to be enjoying life. And so, this drop goes out to everyone who has mastered the art of living in the moment. To us.

Brand Hero Image

Development of a wine brand for Marfell's Beach, Awatere Valley (New Zealand) wine company - hero imagery.

Brand Colours

Colour scheme for brand.

Wine Label

Design of wine label.


Concept & design of promotional brochure.

Business Cards

Design of branded business cards.


Design of roll-up banner graphics.

Brand Element

Development & design of brand symbol.

Logo Design

Meeting Room Access