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NZSki Snowline

NZSki comprise New Zealand's major skifields, Coronet Peak & The Remarkables (Queenstown) and Mt Hutt (Christchurch).

Swordfox enjoy a close relationship with NZSki and absolutely enjoy & appreciate the creativity we get to exert on all their marketing material. During the peak season we work on an almost daily basis with the marketing team, in conceptualising creative advertising campaigns, product packaging, online marketing, product branding, signage...and anything else graphical that comes our way!


Snowline is NZSki's mountain transport service. Swordfox were commissioned to create a brand that consisted of a strong identity both stand-a-lone and reflected in it's map graphics (Snowline's core communication tool).

Brand Imagery

NZSki house a large photo library. We have an eye for selecting those hero shots that work well in advertising.

Snow Centre Signage

Signage design displaying in NZSki's Snow Centre - their urban base for arrival and departures.

Bus stop signage

Design of bus route diagrams for bus stop pole signs

Fridge Sticker Labels

Map design of Snowline bus route printed on sticker labels for people to stick in prominent positions.


Information brochure for NZSki Snowline, communicating bus route map and timetable


Flyer design to advertise 'Park & Ride' saver deals

Brand Colours

We have provided colour scheme usage for the Snowline logo. You will also see the development of a bus/ticket icon as an easily identifiable extension to their brand.

Map Design

We helped formulate and illustrate the Snowline bus route diagram - an integral and focal point of communication for the brand.

Meeting Room Access