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Rich Bayley Photography

I was lured here to Queenstown 15 years ago by its majestic snow-capped mountains and have been lucky enough to indulge in my passion for photography and get paid for it ever since! I know, cool huh?

I approach my photography with the mission of creating the best possible image every time. I'm a self-confessed, meticulous perfectionist. (Wow - it feels good to get that out!)

I LOVE SHOOTING WEDDINGS. Putting my couples and their guests at ease, having fun and laughing. This is when those magic moments happen. It makes for incredibly relaxed images and a perfect day.
Don't worry, we can take a few formal ones for Grandma's mantelpiece too.

When I'm not shooting weddings I am wedged into the corner of a beautiful home getting the best angle for a real estate brochure.
I'm lighting some beautiful cuisine to make it look even more delicious for that magazine cover - and fighting the urge to eat it.
I'm capturing that special expression that lasts only a split second during a portrait session.
I'm praying that skateboarder doesn't land on my camera........ or me.
And lastly I'm hiking around this incredible area, stealing beautiful moments of light and sharing what I see with anyone who
cares to look.


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