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Serendipity Vineyard

Jo (owner & director of Serendipity Vineyard) recognised the potential of her serendipitous discovery, considering this north-facing, free-draining land (with distinctive sugarloaf shape) viable to be developed into a vineyard at some time in the future. In 2001 Jo set about developing a plan to realise her passion to have her own wine brand. Swordfox were commissioned to develop her wine brand from initial logo development through to on-going brand application across a variety of product and marketing mediums.

The Serendipty Vineyard brand uses the following devices to represent it's meaning:

  • Sugarloaf shape = represents the distinctive shape of their location
  • Compass = represents Jo's journey - where she has come from and keeps her on track reminding her of where she is headed. It is oriented to 308 degrees which mirrors the direction she planted her vines and incorporates the number 8, her lucky number. A famous philosopher Louis Pasteur once said “chance favours the prepared mind”.
  • Red colour = 'purposeful & bold' - representing Jo's vision, spirit and personality and a colour that is familiar and relates well to the wine industry.
  • Script font = is illustrative of 'journey' and 'romance' - two prominent themes in the discovery of Serendipity Vineyard.

Brand Identity

Serendipity Vineyard marketing collateral


Brand development

Vineyard Website

Web design & development for Serendipity Vineyard, Central Otago, New Zealand.

Wine Boxes

Vineyard packaging design

Wine Label

Wine label concept design, artworking and print management

Table Talker

Design of a table-talker that sits in restaurants, encouraging people to interact with the brand by motivating them to send in their serendipitous moment in return for a chance to win wine

Tasting Notes

Design of wine tasting note cards

Stationery Suite

Design and print management of Serendipity's stationery suite

Business Cards

Business card design featuring QR code which when scanned with a smartphone, links through to Serendipity's website

Christmas Cards

Design & print of branded Christmas Cards

Logo Design

Meeting Room Access