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Stellar Photography

More than a decade in photography has earned Johanna Hughes the recognition of being a part of the Queenstown scenery she works in.

She's travelled extensively around the world and worked as photojournalist, architectural photographer, conference, event and wedding photographer.

Her photographs have been published internationally in everything from newspapers to high-profile glossy magazines and she's sought-after by advertising agencies and marketing companies.

But there's more to Stellar than someone with a lifelong love of the art.

Nick Hughes (same surname, no coincidence!) is a people-person, invaluable at weddings and events to gently corral relatives or delegates and make photography an efficient part of the occasion rather than a long drawn-out hindrance to the festivities.

He's also the man who keeps the operation flowing, time-keeping and arranging every last detail in advance, and he's been known to do his fair share of carrying stuff around, even the odd bride or two!

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