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Dean Williams

Dean Williams. Remember that name. Dean is a local artist who is starting out, and he's got talent! At 22 years of age, he has already had his work exhibited at three shows - Wellington Art Show 2017, Wellington Art Show 2018 and Dunedin Art Show 2018. His latest work is entitled ‘The Lost’ series, and amalgamates modern day objects to demonstrate the diversity of urban living. He enjoys experimenting across genres and techniques, but one thing remains true throughout his work – his sense of humour and lightheartedness about everyday life. At Swordfox, as we are a little bit that way inclined, so we were quick to jump on board and support Dean. It is his dream to earn a living through his art, and what better way to do that than to have a website to promote his work and achievements? As Dean's art-style is Graffiti art culture we wanted the website style to reflect this. We created stylised buttons dripping with paint and used a graffiti-style hand-drawn font for the typography.
Our hearts burst with pride when we hear how well he is doing, and we’d like to keep supporting Dean as his talent develops and gains in popularity.

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