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F&P (Feleki and Priscilla)

Not afraid to admit we created an excellent result on the branding for the award winning Queenstown real estate duo F&P (Feleki & Priscilla). A random bit of information but did you know Feleki used to be a policeman for a rather long time? We didn’t either but life can be more interesting when you ask questions about people’s past. As a man of the law his moral values cross over quite nicely into providing a real estate service built on and constantly driven by integrity. And well, Priscilla, when you meet her, you get the good vibes of integrity. Book a real estate date with her and feel it for yourself.

With F&P, remember they are “Working hard so moving’s easy.” We almost broke out in song with that tagline - now it’s in our head and we can’t get it out. Well that works doesn’t it!

As with any project, first and foremost, Swordfox like to learn about your business. Why are you doing what you are doing and what do you want to communicate to existing and new customers. That's something we had to find out before embarking on this project and we did so via our Swordfox business document. Once we had the information we needed, on with the project we did go.

We carried out a brand 'name-storming' session to arrive at 'F&P'. It's relevant, short and easy to remember and can easily be typed into Google ('F&P Queenstown') by their clientele if we compare to say 'Feleki Priscilla Queenstown'. The initials also translate easily into a commercially usable logotype.

With F&P working under the international real estate brand Harcourts, we had to adhere to a few design guidelines to ensure a level of connection remained. You'll see the font and colour palette and the professionalism of the brand result tie in nicely with this reputable brand.
Between the letters F&P you'll see an abstract logo device. The collection of lines and it's peaked top is a modern depiction of both homes (F&P's core product) and the well-known Remarkables Mountain Range in Queenstown (F&P's business location).
The faint white-wash wood grain background used as one of the brand assets ties in with white-wash wood grain laminate that is a new material style used abundantly in many of our modern or newly renovated homes.
We've then rolled these brand assets into a cohesive style and applied it to marketing collateral such as thank you cards, chocolate bars and stickers.

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