NZSki Snowline

  • Brand


    Snowline is NZSki's mountain transport service. Swordfox were commission...

  • Brand

    Brand Imagery

    NZSki house a large photo library. We have an eye for selecting those he...

  • Brand

    Brand Colours

    We have provided colour scheme usage for the Snowline logo. You will als...

  • Brand

    Map Design

    We helped formulate and illustrate the Snowline bus route diagram - an i...

  • Signage

    Snow Centre Signage

    Signage design displaying in NZSki's Snow Centre - their urban base for...

  • Signage

    Bus stop signage

    Design of bus route diagrams for bus stop pole signs

  • Brochures


    Information brochure for NZSki Snowline, communicating bus route map and...

  • Brochures


    Flyer design to advertise 'Park & Ride' saver deals

  • Packaging / Labels

    Fridge Sticker Labels

    Map design of Snowline bus route printed on sticker labels for people to...