Swordfox offer a comprehensive range of high quality digital services for Queenstown clients including website design, web development and SEO (search engine optimisation).

We’ll often first meet a client when they’d like us to secure a domain name and the relationship continues as we drive traffic to and convert customers on their website.

A Swordfox website is powerful. It is bespoke designed by our creative talent to ensure optimal user experience and hand-coded by our very particular web developers to adapt to all main mobile devices.

We integrate with what we, and our government consider one of New Zealand’s most secure, robust and easy-to-use content management platforms.

Our skill base sees Swordfox are preferred to produce a strong result for digital solutions of differing degrees of complexity.

Our web design and SEO team will effectively set-up, interpret and respond to campaign result data and can constantly monitor your website and digital presence for search engine rankings and engagement and conversion opportunities. An area of high importance in today’s rapidly expanding digital environment.

Content Management (CMS)
Swordfox work with smart platforms that our clients love and that our resident techs enjoy developing with. We integrate the highly recommended, kiwi-owned Silverstripe content management system (CMS) into our websites. This is an open source system not owned by Swordfox. Let's talk about the elephant in the room - if you didn't like working with us or we were to close down - an open source system will enable you to easily transfer your website to another provider. Any experienced website developer can inspect, modify, and enhance your website independent of the agency that created your website unlike a custom-built propriety CMS (one that has been built and is owned by the web agency). 

Silverstripe has a strong reputation amongst Queenstown and New Zealand businesses, and businesses around the world. It says something about a product when the New Zealand Government and Westpac Bank use it in their dynamic operations.
The beauty is, you don't have to be a large and noteworthy organisation to reap the benefits of this superior CMS.
We've done our research, our developers have excellent experience and we want you to experience it.

Silverstripe is a smart CMS choice because it:
  • is very user-friendly - within seconds you can add, amend and delete pages, text, imagery, videos, files and search engine meta data on your website for SEO updates and performance.
  • it suits a range of technical competencies within businesses.
    is highly customisable - our team can really push the design & development of your website as we strive to put you ahead of your competitors.
  • expands with your business - as your requirements grow and change over time, Swordfox can expand your platform with design and functional features customised to your requirements. 
  • has a low-to-no incidence of security attacks making it a very secure system.
As part of the website development process we provide training for you. Training can be done in our studio at 36 Shotover Street, at your office (if you are based around Queenstown) or for our customers in Invercargill, Dunedin, Christchurch and further afield, via screen share or phone. Training is typically a pain-free 1 hour session. And, during our relationship, you can talk to us at any stage for on-going content management system support.

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