Our Work

Arthurs Point Community

It could have been tricky: imagine a community of successful, educated, intelligent, articulate professionals living and working together tasked with the mission to design a logo to represent themselves by committee … sounds like the potential for a marketers headache, right? Wrong! They were super nice, and we had a super cool plan.

We went into this project with inclusion, solidarity and creativity foremost in our minds. Given that the logo was to be used predominately online in social media, it made sense to facilitate the process online too. Our first step was to ask on the community Facebook page what Arthur’s Point meant to them. They gave us rich, emotive and insightful descriptions, so we were able to very quickly generate six meaningful logo concepts. These were whittled down to two logos by the committee and then the community voted via the Facebook online poll tool to point toward their  preferred option. There was a clear winner.

Arthurs Point love their new logo! This project unified an already tight-knit community through an identity that makes them all proud. 

Swordfox also really enjoyed facilitating the feedback process utilising a tool that encourages raw market input.