Our Work

AWS Legal

AWS Legal faced a challenge: how do you shift a tiring brand in a conservative market to say ‘fresh, energetic and moving forward?' How do you make that shift so that it doesn’t upset your existing client base but still offers a sense of newness in the market? Our answer was to think ‘revitalisation' rather than ‘overhaul’; 'evolution' not 'revolution'.

This is what our brand designers did.........1) used the same colours as the existing brand to maintain familiarity. Colour is a main identifier of a brand; 2) introduced a bolder more modern font that stood stronger; 3) included the small subtle 'triangle' icon brand device from the existing but positioned it more snuggly; 4) carried over the same brand tagline but displayed it in a cleaner format.

We also made good use of the triangle device from the logo and created a distinct overlapping triangle shape which is used in their marketing collateral and gives life and dynamics to the brand.

Take a look at the new brand rolled out across communication materials – stationary, advertisements, corporate documents and signage.