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Cook Brothers Construction

Cook Brothers were frustrated that their website wasn’t showcasing their hard work and talent in a user-friendly manner. There were some great things about the platform but it was being let down mainly due to an excessive amount of navigation pathways, making it cumbersome and confusing for their clients and even their team to use. Plus, they wanted more videos and functionality.

Swordfox’s first step was to consider how different people could use the website - be it the managing director of a business looking for a new commercial build supplier or a foreman looking for a progressive career in construction in New Zealand. We presented the information in a way that was free of twisty and curly navigation experiences so at all times, the user knows where they are in the website and once receiving the information they required, could navigate easily to a call to action, thus increasing the likelihood of conversions on the site.
We've achieved a natural, intuitive pathway to navigate information, ensuring a solid User Experience and as we embark on digital marketing and monitoring of the site with Cook Brothers, we look forward to enjoying conversion statistics.

The Swordfox mantra is ‘no one should have to learn how to use a website’. The user should simply have a feeling that they 'know what to do'. A combination of a great website designer and a great website developer working alongside each other creates a website that is informative, enjoyable, and creates repeat visitation.

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