Our Work

Dorothy Browns

DB's is cute, cosy, quirky and a 'lil bit fancy - a Cinema, Bar & Bookshop experience in quaint-as little Arrowtown, New Zealand. Here you can catch a box office hit or something a little more 'off-the-beaten' track - an 'independent film' if you will. Swordfox have a lot of fun with this well known little brand.
We hope you have a bit of a LOL at the video campaign we created in collab with Lakes Weekly Bulletin, staring the resorts' well known actors, Mr Henry Youngman and Miss Lauren Prebble. The campaign achieved a few objectives, namely - creating brand awareness, encouraging visits to Dorothy Browns and increasing traffic to their website.
This video campaign was shared on the LWB Facebook social media channel (appoximately 10,000 followers), which we chose due to a large number of this channel's followers being Dorothy's target market. Winning.