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Fiordland Discovery

Kate and Rob Swale had a vision for their luxury vessel, Fiordland Jewel, and a vision for how they wanted to reach out and tell passengers about it. While the vessel was still being built, Swordfox was commissioned and given a few basic visual representations of what the Jewel would probably look like, and told ‘Here you go! Now work your magic!’

We love these kinds of challenges. So we waved our wands (or mice to be exact!) and came up with a strategy to evolve with the growth of the business. The design itself evokes a feeling of luxury using bold photography that profiles sleeping, dining and lounge quarters; gourmet catering; helicopter flights; and photos from exclusive fishing and hunting trips. The Jewel even has Fiordland’s only Remote Operating Vehicle (or ROV) to film under water, using a remote control on deck!

Swordfox has not only created a beautiful website for Fiordland Discovery, but we’ve also created above and below the line marketing and promotional content. This included a 4-fold flyer; advertising for high profile magazines, newspapers and online campaigns; price and rate sheets for visitor booking centres; as well as signage and banners for a conference.

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