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Feedback fromGlyn Lewers, Chairman

I'm the Chairman of the Frankton Community Association (FCA). Our aim is to provide constructive suggestions and where required offer positive alternatives that will enhance the overall Frankton Community.

To communicate with our members and ultimately to the Queenstown council (QLDC) we needed an identity for the FCA in the form of logo design. We wanted something simple and professional - no bells & whistles required here. We've also had Swordfox set the style for our marketing collateral in the form of items such as brochure design and tear drop banners for events. We needed a website platform for online communication, along with direction on domain names, email, hosting and database management to handle followers and members. The content-management system (Silverstripe) that Swordfox integrate with their websites is very user-friendly which is very important with the varying age range and technological competencies of our committee.

Swordfox understood that being a community-funded project we had to be mindful of costs and so they worked with us as a supporter to achieve results that came within budget. I found their service and the resulting work to be excellent and we appreciate their solution-based support for our non-profit association.