Our Work

Southland District Council

With a deep commitment to enhancing public engagement and accessibility, the Southland District Council's new website serves as a gateway to vital services, important notices, and community updates. Our collaboration reflects the Council's dedication to empowering its diverse community with the necessary tools and information, fostering a connected and well-informed district.

Our mission for this website design and build project was to create an inclusive online platform with a strong emphasis on user experience and accessibility, ensuring that everyone can easily navigate and utilize the website's features.

To achieve this, we implemented a range of user-friendly tools, including ReadSpeaker and a text size changer, empowering all visitors to access essential information without barriers. One of the primary objectives was to provide real-time and accurate data to the community. Thus, we developed an interactive map that seamlessly pulls in data from the Council's database, showcasing vital information about Wards, Community Boards, parks, and other community facilities. Moreover, we made it a priority to display Road Closures, Water Closures, and Public Notices, enabling residents to stay informed and updated on crucial announcements affecting their daily lives.

Desktop view
Tablet view
Mobile view