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Space Proud

Feedback fromRochelle Davidson, Owner

Space Proud is my home staging business that transforms interior spaces into showstoppers for sale, productive commercial/work environments that your employees can’t help but boast about, and amazing living environments that you or your family will revel spending time in.

I started this baby a few months ago and being in the business of style, I needed the company that would assist with my branding to be hot on style too as well as attention to detail. Swordfox came up with a winning brand name for my business that immediately stood out for me and also stood apart from my competitors. The name was not only unique but emotive - describing how I want my customers to feel when I've worked my magic on their space. Because of the uniqueness of the name, it was easy registering my business and securing domain names. I've learnt through them that this will also make it easier for trademarking.

I wanted a very simple, stylish look for my brand. With the logo being used on amazing images taken from a local professional photographer, Swordfox understood I didn't want something that interrupted these. I'm very pleased with the results and are Brand Proud!

I'll often call on Swordfox for graphic design of other marketing collateral for my business and what I really love is when time doesn't permit for a brief, they seem to really understand my business and how to communicate this to my customers. Thanks guys for a great and easy experience!