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Vector Consulting

What are your immediate and long-term business goals that ultimately impact your life outside of business?
Vector Consulting are in the business of business helping many of their clients achieve their personal goals. They are spending more time with family whilst (some clients) have doubled their turnover within short periods of as little as 2 years.

Whether it's an improvement project, specialist advice, accounting or business mentoring, they will bring you solutions in a range of areas, beginning from base strategies and business growth management through to tax accounting, clinical service improvement, and project management. They have locations in both Queenstown and Christchurch yet their orientation is Australasia-wide.

As most of their clients have, you might just find yourself in a long term relationship with Vector Consulting. Client retention is exceptionally high as is the number of times they are commended on the accessibility of their advisors and their ability to be there when it counts. 

Now, a little bit about Swordfox's work on creating the Vector brand and website.

Overall, we wanted the brand to portray strategy, quality and growth with a human element - 4 of the most important values at Vector Consulting.

How did we represent strategy? Strategy is defined as 'a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim'. The fact that we have planned the individual elements that would ultimately make up the logo and formulated them into a cohesive representation of the business is strategy right there.

How did we represent quality? Quality is shown in design through development of symmetrical shapes at the right proportions; selection of modern well-structured fonts; structural placement of logo elements and application of aesthetically pleasing combinations of colour.

How did we represent growth? Looking at the logo you can see a representation of a plant/seedling, even more so with the use of the green pantone colour. We associate plants with growth. The 'V' shape also moves in a positive upward direction as can lines on a business growth chart.

How did we represent a human element? The addition of the dot between the 'V' shape represents the head of a person and of course the arms are represented by the arms of the 'V'.

The Website...

Vector initially needed a simple online presence from which they could build on in future. Swordfox find a lot of businesses are busy providing a brilliant service to their clients that time doesn't always permit to have a comprehensive website that requires on-going content management.

Whilst the website has a small number of pages, it still conveys the company's key values and information in an easy-to-read format and in alignment with their brand style - which makes for a nice viewing experience. If they wish to add more website pages in future, this can easily be done by their website administrator through the SilverStripe content management system through template duplication or if they require a new module layout that doesn't exist on the current site, the Swordfox design and development team can assist them with this.

The website is of course mobile responsive to further ensure optimal viewing experience for the high number of mobile viewers.

Desktop view
Tablet view
Mobile view

Feedback fromMegan & Jason Hopper, Owners

Swordfox were a pleasure to work with and had the vision and creativity to make our ideas into a striking brand for Vector Consulting. We have then continued to work with them (and recommend them to others) for our website and other branded material.