PART 1 of 3 - Top marketing agency recommendations for Queenstown Tourism Operators Oct 2020

24 September 2020

Local tourism marketing agency Destination Queenstown is hosting a series of Webinars over the next 3 weeks (Webinar 1 started Thursday 24th October 2020) which will give local tourism operators an insight into how they can leverage off the next large surge of eyes that are about to look Queenstown's way. Destination Queenstown will launch a major domestic marketing campaign for Spring/Summer 2020-21, starting late October this year.

Because you are busy doing other things or enjoying a slower pace of life (which we hear from some clients is a positive of these times), we will be tuning in and listing here, the main insights that our clients will benefit from. These insights give you an opportunity to understand a relevant angle from which to direct your Spring/Summer marketing.

Main takeaways from Webinar 1 (Thursday 24th October 2020)

  • The market is consistently very young.
  • Campaigns will place heavy emphasis on biking, hiking and golf
    A practical example of what accommodation providers can do: Highlight on your top visited web pages, those features that complement these experiences (eg. are you close to biking tracks, do you offer free bikes, do you have lock-storage?).
  • Is there an enticing offer you could present?
    A practical example of what experience or accommodation providers can do: Team up with a biking, hiking or golf provider and vice versa with an accommodation supplier and offer an experience and stay package.
  • There has been a large increase in traffic to the DQ website (due to previous, hard-hitting campaigns that have created urgency for visitors to get here). There is due to be another surge once the Spring/Summer campaign kicks off.
    A practical example of what you can do: Ensure your listing is up to date and any valuable packages for visitors are listed on the DQ site.

We've got more practical examples up our sleeve, so if you'd like to make the most of this next surge in eyeballs on Queenstown, Swordfox can roll this into a mini-marketing campaign for you so it's in place by late October when the DQ marketing campaign begins.

Contact if you'd like to get on to this.

Georgina Cunningham

Georgina Cunningham

Creative Director