PART 2 of 3 - Top marketing agency recommendations for Queenstown Tourism Operators Oct 2020

19 October 2020

Hello again folks.

We have tuned into the second Destination Queenstown Webinar regarding progression on their upcoming Spring/Summer Campaign 2020. Here is our recap along with a couple of further recommendations.

Note: If you missed Swordfox's first recap you can digest it at our recap from Webinar 1.

As Queenstown moves out of the Winter season, the resort is now competing alongside other New Zealand locations as a Spring/Summer destination.

Therefore, the intensive campaign is going to showcase the brilliance of our region as a warm weather destination. As mentioned in Webinar one, whilst the over-arching theme is 'Home of Adventure', their campaigns will drill down into a heavy segmented focus on the following areas:

  • Mountain Biking (Note: we have a fantastic international and national profile on different aspects of the mountain biking scene)
  • Leisure Biking
  • Golfing
  • Hiking and Nature
  • Adrenaline
  • Family

This campaign kicks off on the 19th October 2020 and will run through until early December 2020 so whilst you want to put your marketing in place asap to leverage off this, consider the time period of their campaign and follow the length of your campaign with them.

We can't wait until Webinar 3 when we get a peak at the campaign videos they are producing for these segments which will be pushed out to the public.
DQ are working hard to produce an abundance of content for these segments and on that note, they are really wanting imagery, so, if you have any that would work please email Giana from DQ.

What can you as an accommodation, experience or hospitality operator do:

  • Team up with another provider to offer an experience and accommodation package value offer. DQ have a new section on their website to showcase packaging. Add it to this.
    Highlight your benefits in relation to the offering. ie. is your cafe bike friendly, do you have bike lock-up facilities, are you located on the Queenstown Trail, do you offer courtesy drop-offs to golf courses so guests can enjoy a drink afterward? Get your thinking cap on. Get creative and valuable.
  • As part of DQ's overall strategy to encourage repeat visits to the resort across the seasons, encourage repeat visits with your offering (eg. if visitors take you up on an offer, you could encourage them to come again in Autumn by offering them a loyalty discount).

I hope that quick recap is helpful and we will check in again following attendance of Webinar 3.

Georgina Cunningham

Georgina Cunningham

Creative Director